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PoochpadPoochPants reusable diaperfemale


PoochPants™ Reusable Dog Diapers are reusable and washable diaper garments for pooches that have problems ranging from incontinence to intermittent "leaking".

They are completely self-contained and need no extra absorbent liners to do their job. Designed with Microfine Technology, they inhibit odors and help keep your dog's skin dry. The garments are guaranteed for 300 washes. They are economical to use and easy to care for. PoochPants also work well for female dogs in season, puppies that just can't wait and older, mature dogs.

They are also great for travel when places to go are hard to find.

Available in pink or gray.

XSmall : 4-8 lb / waist size : 10-13''

Small : 8-14 lb / waist size : 13-19''

Medium : 15-32 lb / waist size : 18-25''

Large : 33-55 lb / waist size : 20-27''

XLarge : 55-90 lb / waist size : 25-34''

XXLarge : 90-120 lb / waist size : 38-38''


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