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ManmatPuppy collar


This light weight collar with a smaller fastening eye is an excellent choice for smaller dog breeds or puppies.

Manmat is a company from the Czech Republic that has specialized in harnessed dog sports equipment for almost 30 years. Always in close collaboration with many mushers on the world circuit, they are constantly developing and are always looking for new materials and technologies.

100% polypropylene outer strap

Polypropylene is an extremely resistant material and very resistant to tearing, even tear-resistant and soft for the dog's coat and skin.

Wideband collar

The necklace is composed of 2cm wide strap. This makes it possible to distribute the pressure on the areas of the neck and thus limits these pressures.

Robust adjustment system

The settings once adjusted do not loosen after a walk.

Corrosion resistant

The D ring with a diameter of 25mm and the ovals are made of stainless steel, which guarantees resistance to corrosion and cracking.


Offered in 5 different colors

Make a kit - with the leash!


Neck circumference 22 to 34 cm


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