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La Belle Bête

Pet nutrition and harness dog sports are our specialty. La Belle Bête is, above all, where our clients feel at home and part of the family as soon as they walk in.

Catherin Arsenault Photographe

Barbara and Valérie

The creation of La Belle Bête comes, in part, from a Bernese mountain dog named Zoé. This dog who was taken too soon by a devastating cancer, marked Barbara during her short life. It was following this event that pet nutrition became a true passion for her.

Valerie, for her part, gradually develops a great interest in dog sports and seeks to bring together enthusiasts and their 4 paws athletes.

It was in 2014 that Barbara and Valerie brought their passions together to officially open the store in Lac-Beauport. They made it their dream project, to which they continued to put their heart and energy towards each day. 8 years, a move, and several unforgettable encounters later, La Belle Bête is today a benchmark for pet nutrition and harness dog sports in Quebec.

The shop

As soon as we enter La Belle Bête, we are welcomed as if we were home. The nature of Lac-Beauport is transposed in the interior of the boutique, making it a warm and friendly environment. There, you will find all of our favourite products, our team’s best advice and the contagious good humour of our loyal associates.

Our values

Your pet’s happiness and well-being above all
Your pet has its own lifestyle. Be it your first or hundredth visit, we always take the time to understand your pet’s living in order to better advise you.
A family spirit
Here, both animals and humans deserve our greatest attention. For us, the feeling of belonging is fundamental. In store or on the web, friendliness is what makes La Belle Bête a unique place where we feel good.
The highest quality, nothing less
You will find in store only products of the highest quality, carefully chosen by our team. Only brands that share our values deserve our trust and that of our pets. We know each product as the back of our hands.

The team

The La Belle Bête team is above all a family that shares a deep respect and unconditional love for animals.

“The values of the boutique align 100% with mine. Our shared passion for animal well-being and the love for our dogs truly make us a family. You can feel it right away when you walk into the store, whether you are an employee or a customer. I know we can always count on each other with our fiery team, even outside of work.”


Mon amour pour les chiens grandit en voyant l’équipe et tous nos clients passionnés de leurs bêtes ! La famille que nous formons s’agrandit chaque jour et c’est incroyable de pouvoir rencontrer vos animaux en boutique! C’est avec tout ce que j’apprends qu’un jour je serai à la hauteur pour avoir mon propre chien.