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NahakCanicross BeltDouble Traction


The best belt for dog harness sports enthusiasts who have a dog that pulls hard !

A belt that matches the intensity of your dog in harness, the design of this double traction belt distributes the force of your dog evenly across your hips offering maximum comfort regardless of your dogs size or strength. It’s this unique distribution of force that makes this double traction belt the model of choice for those who love long hikes, canicross with a dogs that pulls hard.

Features :

  • Designed to offer a great freedom of movement;
  • Mesh section and lower traction strap provides excellent pulling strength distribution on the buttock;
  • Adjustable straps at the thighs, hips and waist allow for a fit that can be completely customized to your body, increasing the belt’s stability and comfort;


  • Waterproof and very resistant nylon outer fabric;
  • Meshed and padded interior fabric for maximum ventilation and comfort;
  • High quality nylon webbing (1000 lbs to 4000 lbs breaking strenght);
  • Highly resistant metal and plastic hardwares


Size : 34" to 42" hips circumference;


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