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Non-Stop Long distance booties • 4-pack


Light dog booties with a good grip and protection against snow and ice.

Our Long distance booties were developed in cooperation with some of the World`s best mushers and is being used by them both on training and races. Elastic velcro ensures the bootie fits any dog and sits well on their paws. Long distance bootie is comfortable for the dog since the material is both light and soft. They provide room for the claws to move naturally while wearing the booties.
We use tightly woven nylon on our booties. The socks like all footwear get worn, but the Long distance bootie is durable on snow. It protects the dog`s paws from abrasion and can also be used on dryland.


Size Width (cm)
XXS (dark green velcro)                            3-4
XS (yellow velcro)                            4-5
S (red velcro)                            5-6
M (blue velcro)                           6-7
L (white velcro)                           7-8
XL (green velcro)                           8-9
XXL (orange velcro)                          9-10



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