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InlandsisBungee Bikejoring Pro LONG2,9m


High-quality bikejoring leash. Long version 2m90.

The Bikejor Pro Long leash offers excellent strength for its weight and is particularly suitable for demanding recreational users or competitors. This long version, 2m90 against 2m50 for the normal version, is designed for:

  • users of short harnesses, which require the use of a longer line to compensate for the length of the harness
  • people who prefer to maintain a wide gap with their dog - however keep in mind that a longer line poses a greater risk of entanglement.

It is equipped with a Stronglight carabiner in lightweight (very strong, rust-free) aluminium with automatic locking system (improved safety) and is finished to perfection thanks to our exclusive Bartack Seam technology.


The Bikejor Pro Long leash can also be used for skijoring (during competition, a quick release snap must be added).


Activitiesbikejoring, skijoring
Strong points- Stronglight auto-lock aluminium carabiner
Weight156 g
Length in extension2.9m
Length at rest1.65m


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