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AlphadogsportOmega Harness


The OMEGA harness is a traction harness with an open back structure adjustable on the length.

Length-adjustable harness

Two adjustment loops are located on the end of the harness in order to adjust the total length of the harness and therefore adjust it perfectly to the size of the dog.

Open Back and rounded neck

With his rounded neck and his Open Back he leaves the back free without constraint.

Quality materials

The outer fabric is made with cordura known for their lifespans and abilities to resist abrasion, tearing, as well as scratches. The inside is a softer oxford type fabric that does not hang the hair.

Size chart

SizeNeck circumferenceBack length
410'' / 25,5cm23-28'' / 58,5-71cm
510'' / 25,5cm23-30'' / 58,5-76cm
610'' / 25,5cm24-30'' / 61-76cm
710'' / 25,5cm24-31'' / 61-78,75cm


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