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Chuckit!Bumper Stickfloats


Chuck It Bumper Stick Floating Dog Toy was created to make sure that your pup can get the most out of playtime whether it’s in the water or on land. They’ll love that this toy is soft and durable with a memory foam material that’s easy for them to sink their teeth into without having to worry about destroying the toy in the process. This unit also floats high on the water so it’ll always be easy for your furball to grab onto.

Chuck It Bumper Stick Floating Dog Toy is easy to clean after a fun-filled day with tug-of-war or fetch. It’s also a great way to encourage more fun exercise which is important to their health in the long run. Plus, what better ways are there to create more memories while you’re both being mentally and physically stimulated? Made in the USA. Always ensure that your pups have access to clean, fresh water at all times.




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