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Baci +Dental Care for Cats and Dogs


Buco+ helps prevent and reduce tartar, plaque and bad breath for dogs.

Buco+ is made to specifically target the Gingipain enzyme (Gingipain damages tooth cavities and neutralizes the mouth’s natural defences). It is quick-acting, natural, safe, with no aftertaste and easy to use.

  • Formulated to help with bad breath, plaque and tartar by eliminating the gingipain enzyme
  • Fast-acting, natural with no after taste
  • Easy to use - sprinkle evenly onto your pet's food


Ovo protein (egg yolk), pharmaceutical-grade prebiotic fiber, FRT BSNI-strain Bacillus subtilis
Add 1 pouch of buco+ per day to your pet’s food. First results after 28 days. Superior results after 35 days. Optimal results after 56 days. Use twice a week after the 56-day period to maintain optimal oral health.

Buco+ by Baci+ is a powdered formula made to aid with the maintenance of healthy teeth and gums, formulated to specifically target the gingipain enzyme that is created by an anaerobic bacteria called Porphyromonas. This specific enzyme decreases gum health and can lead to bacteria increase that leads to bad breath, plaque and tooth loss.

Buco+ is natural, fast-acting and is easy to use, by using a sachet and sprinkling onto your pet's food it starts to work its magic to help keep your pet's teeth healthy and has no after taste.

Suitable for ;

  • 100mg for cats and dogs under 33 lbs (15 kg), six months or older.
  • 150mg for dogs 33 lbs)(15 kg) and over, six months or older.



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