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AcanaFreeze-dried patties bone broth infusedTurkey


Acana Bone Broth Infused Freeze-Dried Patties for Dogs takes inspiration and ingredients across the USA, providing quality and fresh ingredients without preservatives and freeze-drying in small batches. Creating a biologically appropriate, protein-rich freeze-dried recipe with various human-grade meats, fruits and vegetables just as nature intended.

  • Biologically appropriate complete meal or food topper
  • WholePrey Diet - Includes meat, organs & cartilage
  • High in protein - 83% turkey and 10% mackerel
  • Contains 7% fruits and vegetables 
  • Freeze-dried in small batches
  • No grains, wheat, rye, corn or gluten

Acana Bone Broth Infused Freeze-Dried Patties for Dogs - Free-Run Turkey Recipe features 83% free-range turkey including the organs and bone, 10% fresh Mackeral with 7% fruits and vegetables such as pumpkin and cranberries with chicken bone broth. This recipe also includes essential antioxidants, vitamins and minerals such as Niacin, fibre, vitamin E, zinc and more. To give your dog a nutritional freeze-dried that can be a complete meal or added to your dog's current food as a food topper.

Acana Bone Broth Infused Freeze-Dried Patties is grain-free and is suitable for dogs of all life stages. Available in 397 g (14 oz) bag


Fresh turkey with ground bone (73%), fresh turkey liver (8.5%), raw whole herring (7%), dehydrated pumpkin, natural flavour, fresh turkey heart (1%), turkey bone broth (0.5%), fresh organic butternut squash, fresh organic carrots, fresh organic pear, salt, dried chicory root, turmeric, dried kelp.


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