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White LakeDiatomaceous Earth1.4kg


A natural pest control option, Diatomaceous Earth kills insects that walk across it without hrming mammals. You can sprinkle DE across a surface or animal and it will dehydrate and kill insects that walk on it.

DE can also be used internally to kill internal parasites (such as worms), detox the stomach, increase calcium absorbtion and more.

Main advantages of Diatomaceous Earth:
- Pest control
- Absorbs toxins from the digestive tract
- Helps with calcium absorption
How does the use of Diatomaceous Earth (DE) contribute to pest control? While it doesn't hurt a mammal, Diatomaceous Earth is abrasive to something as small as an insect.
Warning: it is also abrasive for reptiles, so do not put it on them! ED adheres to insects that walk on it and clears their waxy protective layer. Once the coating is removed, they quickly lose all their body moisture. Insects literally dehydrate to death. It may sound mean, but when you've been dealing with a flea or bed bug infestation, no mercy will be given to you. To kill insects, it is enough to water where they are.
For example, if you're trying to treat fleas on your pet and in your home, rub ED all over your pet (not in their eyes or nose, they may cough) and sprinkle around carpets, beds, and baseboards. Don't forget to get straight to the point with these long-haired breeds! E.D. is also an effective ant killer. DE is also used to kill internal parasites, such as roundworms. ED damages intestinal worms, causing them to die and expel them. It is enough to give a teaspoon for a week to kill internal parasites!
How does ED help with toxins?
ED binds toxins in ingested food and in the colon as it passes through the digestive tract. The bound toxins can then pass through the body safely, before causing damage. For example, ED has been used to reduce fungal toxicity in chickens[2], as well as radiation poisoning in humans.
DE also helps with calcium absorption?
Calcium is an important mineral for bone and joint health. A study by K. R. Martin[3] showed that the consumption of silica leads to an increase in bone mineral density. This means that more calcium is absorbed and deposited in the bones for a stronger and healthier skeleton!


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