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WagGoat Horn

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Wag Goat Horn Chew for Dogs is an all natural chew options that your dog is sure to love. With no chemicals or preservatives, you can happily give this to your dog without worrying about them consuming harmful ingredients. While your dog chews boredom away, they will be absorbing minerals and quality protein that benefit their overall health. This chew is splinter free, long lasting and something your dog is guaranteed to enjoy!

Not only does the Wag Goat Horn Chew provide countless nutrient-based benefits, it also is a great tool to promote dental hygiene reducing tartar build up by 70%. Made from one unprocessed ingredient, there is no doubt that this chew is one of the best on the market!

Why We Recommend The Wag Goat Horn Chew for Dogs:

  • Great way to combat boredom
  • All natural, made from one unprocessed ingredient
  • A rich source of minerals and protein
  • Splinter free
  • Long lasting

Size : 14''


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