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Non-StopRoam Padded Collar


A solid, padded collar made to ease pressure towards the dogs’ neck if it pulls. The collar is adjustable, and made from light materials with an ergonomic fit, developed for the active everyday-life of dog-owners.

Adjustable collar with a buckle which makes taking the collar on and off easy in an active lifestyle. Thread the buckle through the D-ring when attaching it. This distributes any pressure evenly across the collars’ surface, making it comfortable to wear.

The inside of the Roam collar is padded with soft and durable neoprene. All the seams and edges on the inside of the collar are sewn with the smooth side towards the dog, to ensure a soft and even surface to prevent chafing. Exposed areas are reinforced with Hypalon. The collar has two reflective stripes around the padded area for high visibility from several angles.

The D-ring the leash is attached to is made from aluminum, which makes it light without compromising its strength. Large attachment points for leashes are easier to use, which is why the Roam collar has an extra large D-ring.

Size                 Neck Circumference
XS32-36cm / 12,5''-14''
S36-40cm / 14''-15,5''
M40-45cm / 15,5''-17,5''
L45-50cm / 17,5''-19,5''
XL50-55cm / 19,5''-21,5''


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