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Non-StopProtector BootieSets of 4


Durable dog booties that protect your dog's paws against rough surfaces, glass, salt and warm asphalt.

These dog booties are made from level 5 anti-cut material, dipped in nitrile rubber for extra protection. The rubber makes the socks water-resistant and provides your dog with a good grip even on slippery surfaces. We developed Protector bootie for mushing and hiking, but all dogs that need paw protection can use these socks. Towards the dog, the fabric is seamless to avoid chafing. The soft materials allow the paws to have good contact with the surface. The socks are fastened with elastic velcro, which makes them sit well on the paw. Protector bootie comes in packs of four.


SizeWidth (cm)
S (red velcro)                           5-6
M (blue velcro)                           6-7
L (white velcro)                           7-8
XL (green velcro)                          8-9


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