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Non-StopGlacier Jacket

A warm and light coat that will keep your dog warm in cold weather.
The Glacier Jacket is a comfortable coat with synthetic insulation that will protect your dog in cold and windy weather!
Synthetic insulation
The ECO-used insulation for the Glacier Jacket does not absorb water and therefore retains its insulating properties while maintaining good aeration. The mantle has a windproof and water-repellent outer layer with a 10,000 mm water column (any material with a score greater than 1,500 mm is considered waterproof).
Protective net under the chest
This rubberized net under the chest prevents water or snow from accumulating.
Paw straps Paw straps keep the coat stable and prevent it from lifting in windy weather while allowing unrestricted freedom of movement.
Opening for leash attachment At the base of the neck is a slot that allows you to attach a leash to a harness.   Reflective for more visibility Reflective details ensure high visibility.
Colours: Available in blue, orange and purple


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SizeBack Lenght
2419-22cm / 7,5-8,7''
2722-25cm / 8,7-9,8''
3025-28cm / 9,8-11''
3328-31cm / 11-12,2''
3631-35cm / 12,2-13,8''
4034-38cm / 13,4-15''
4537-43 cm / 14,6-16,9''
5041-48cm / 16,1-18,9''
5546-53cm / 18,1-20,9''
6051-58cm / 20,1-22,8''
6556-63cm / 22-24,8''
7061-67cm / 24-26,4''
8068-77cm / 26,8-30,3''
9076-85cm / 29,9-33,5''


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