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Non-StopFriction long line


A dog long line with rubber inserts for excellent grip. Still, the line glides easily through the terrain when your dog is tracking.

This long line provides your dog with freedom to move through the terrain. A long line is also helpful in building good habits for off-leash walking.

The Friction long line is lightweight and easy to handle. The line glides easily through the terrain without getting tangled. The rubber inserts provide you with excellent grip in all conditions. The webbing performs well in water.

We have chosen durable materials that can withstand wear and tear caused by contact with the ground and vegetation. The stitching is reinforced with Hypalon, which can also be found at the end of the line to make it easy to feel when you run out of line.

The Friction long line is equipped with a Twistlock carabiner that locks automatically. This keeps your dog secure at all times. The swivel rotates to prevent the line from twisting.

The bright orange color provides visibility.

The Friction long line is available in two lengths;

10 meters/32,9 feet

15 meters/49,2 feet.


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