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Non-StopBungee leash


A bungee leash developed for canicross, bikejoring, and skijoring. The entire length is elastic to give you and your dog a smooth experience when training together.

We developed the Bungee leash for professional race use, but it is an excellent line for any active dog and owner. A bungee leash will absorb shock and is gentle on the backs of both you and your dog.

The Bungee leash is available in two lengths,

  • 2 meters (78,7 inches) and 2,8 meters (110,2 inches). The 2-meter leash provides positive control over your dog and is ideal for canicross and hiking.
  • For activities like bikejoring and skijoring, where a safe distance from your equipment is required, the 2,8-meter length is the perfect choice.

The core of the Bungee leash is made of high-quality rubber, strong enough to hold even the strongest dogs. The core is protected by a durable polyester layer.

The Bungee leash is attached to your dog’s harness with a twistlock-carabiner, which is the safest option available. The carabiner locks itself and ensures that your dog does not get loose.

Colors Available : Orange and Blue


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