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ManmatThermo Coat


This THERMO coats will be appreciated especially by dogs with a short or sparse undercoat but also hairy breeds.

For most of mushers are thermo coats necessary during racing in extreme conditions.

Many people use thermo coats for their dogs after a back injury. It is important to keep the dog warm. This ManMat product has also protective function preventing the dog's coat against dirt and water.

The suit is made by combining three layers. Each of them has its own unique function (the construction of the product is very close to the winter jacket). The outer squeegee layer provides partial protection against water and snow. Inner layer is an insulation ensuring the thermal comfort of the dog. The last outer layer which is in direct contact with the hair ensures partial evaporation of moisture and does not abrade the skin.

REFLECTIVE ELEMENTS sewn on the sides and on the top of the outfit allow good visibility at night and at the same time do not dazzle.

The dimension in the size chart is a measure from the neck to root of tail. If this measure is somewhere between the dimensions, we recommend choosing a larger size.



SizeBack Lenght (cm)
S58 cm
M62 cm
L67 cm


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