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LumacDouble line extension


A performance accessory, Lumac's double extension cord is designed to ensure a straighter pulling angle, helping both dogs in the team work more linearly.

By using the same system as the so-called "stick" lines or harnesses, the double extension offers a less pronounced angle than a regular double line thanks to its aluminum stick that separates and keeps in place the traction lines. This type of system can also be useful when you have dogs with strong chests that tend to have a lot of movement in the front of the harness by helping them to tow straighter.

Combined with a Bungee leash of about 2 meters, it is ideal for scooter or bikejoring. It is also possible to combine it with a shorter Bungee leash to use it on a snow scooter.

This accessory is offered without clips to leave the discretion to the user to choose the type of carabiner desired, thus allowing to have the possibility to lighten the weight of his equipment as much as possible.


Features aluminium bar and 5mm polyester rope.
Spreader bar width - 12,8cm
Sewn with HD polyester thread.
Spreader bar 23gr maximum.
Total length 66-67cm.
100% hand made
Carabiners are not included(can be purchased separately)


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