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KongSqueakAir Tennis Ball


The KONG AirDog Squeaker Ball is a combination of two classics; the squeaker and the tennis ball, making this ball an instant hit with your dog.

The durable, non-scratch felt of the AirDog Ball will not wear down your dog’s teeth like a regular tennis ball would. Dog's love squeakers, making the Squeakair the perfect ball toy for your dog. KONG Toys set the standard for rubber pet toys in performance and durability. KONG toys are used as therapeutic tools for preventing boredom, separation anxiety and other dog behavioural issues. The Air Dog SqueakAir Ball will keep your dog occupied, content, and out of trouble for hours.


Small : 2'' x 2'' / 3 per pack

Medium : 2.5'' x 2.5'' / 3 per pack

Large : 3.25'' x 3.25'' / 2 per pack



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