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JWPuppy teether chew toypuddle stone pop

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Relieve your puppy's teething pain with JW's® Puddle Stone Pop™ Puppy Teether.

Inspired by nature to create the perfect teething toy, the Puddle Stone Pop has grooves to allow water to freeze and create icy pockets that gives your puppy much-needed relief from achy gums caused by teething. As your puppy chews, the soft rubber and textured surface gently massage gums while the icy grooves provide pain relief.

When the teething phase is over, turn this freeze-ee teether toy into a fun treat-ee toy by spreading peanut butter or toothpaste made for dogs into the grooves of the toy. Give your puppy a safe chew toy to chew on with JW's Puddle Stone Pop Puppy Teether.

To freeze, pour water into the grooves of the toy, then freeze. When water is frozen, simply give the toy to your puppy.


  • Safe & natural way to ease teething pain & satisfy chewing instincts
  • Durable rubber & varying textures relieve teething pain
  • Use as treat toy by spreading peanut butter into grooves
  • Icy grooves soothe achy gums
4.1" L x 3.3" W x 1.5" T


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