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Himalayan Pet SupplyJugheadExtends the life of a chew


Does your dog chew & swallow things faster than a speeding bullet?! Jughead® Classic is here to save the day! It protects your dog against speedy chew chomping and even extends the life of the chew.

Chew smarter & longer! Jughead® Super is powerful, puzzling, and protective! It slows down chew time and makes chews last longer. Pair it with the Jughead® Classic Insert, a chew engineered to be the perfect fit, for a dynamic duo. It can hold lots of other chews too, from bully sticks to celery. It’s easy to use, simply bend Jughead® in the center and slide the treat in to hold it in place. It’s now ready for your dog to enjoy and have fun.

Available in two sizes: Classic and Super

Classic : For dogs under 35lb

Super : For dogs of 35lb and more


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