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GoldenFlexDiagone • Antidiarrhéique • 75g


Antidiarrheal Supplement for Dogs

Flavor: Vanilla Birthday Cake

Format: 150 g

Contains: A pot of Diagone and a measuring spoon

Suitable for dogs over 10 kg

Diagone is a natural, complex and rebalancing supplement for effective relief of diarrhea and gas for dogs.

Diagone contains a complex blend of polyphenols and natural extracts for rapid results. Stools are firmer in just 3 days.

Its powder formula with the good taste of birthday cake is easy to integrate into the animal's routine by sprinkling it on its food or incorporating it into wet foods (canned food, raw food, etc.)

The Diagone supplement contains a mixture of vitamins, minerals and amino acids to compensate for deficiencies caused by periods of animal diarrhea. The animal can therefore quickly regain the health and energy necessary to carry out its usual activities.

*Always use according to directions.

Product of Quebec

Quantity to mix in wet food.
10-49lbs ( 4.5 - 22kg ) : 1 scoop
50-100lbs ( 23 - 45kg ) : 2 scoops
+ 100lbs ( +45kg ) : 3 scoops
*Daily dosage during 3 to 5 days.


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