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Earth RatedCertified Compostable Bags120 bags


Prefer a compostable bag? There’s no need to compromise. Our compostable bags, made from a blend of PBAT and vegetable starches, are 100% leak-proof and extra thick to lock in odours, along with being BPI-Certified Compostable, TUV OKCompost Industrial and Home Certified.

Extra long and extra strong, our bags keep hands protected when you’re on the go. They’re conveniently compact and easy to stash in your pocket, treat pouch, backpack, car or stroller, so you’re never caught without a poop bag.

Pair our compostable bags with our essential dispenser for responsible disposal and a seamless pick-up experience.

For disposal in municipal composting facilities, verify that pet waste is accepted, as such facilities may not exist in your area. For composting at home, use the resulting compost on non-food crops only.

8 rolls of 15 bags each


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