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BVZBLRechargeable LED Collar

A soft, lightweight, waterproof and adjustable light collar.
Be Vizible's light collar allows you to keep your dog visible and safe in low light conditions.
Rechargeable USB The collar is rechargeable and the USB cable is included. Its recharge time is done in just 20 minutes.
3 light functions
The collar offers 3 different light functions to offer you the appropriate function according to visibility needs.
Flexible material
The collar is made of silicone, making it a super light and bulky collar for your dog.
12 LED lights
With its 12 LED lights, this necklace is visible from all angles and offers high-quality lighting and visibility up to 100 meters.
The collar is adjustable to the desired size. Just turn it on and turn off between 2 LED lights. The wire inside the collar can be cut without problems.
Longer uptime
The collar can be used between 4 and 5 hours are losing no power.
The necklace is waterproof and therefore perfect for all your adventures.
Available in 6 colours: red, orange, blue, green, pink and white


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