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BeneboneNylon ChewBacon and Maplewood pack


The Benebone Tiny Zaggler & Maplestick Dental Chews 2-Pack provides an excellent chewing outlet for tiny breeds of dogs. Durable and ergonomic, this deliciously-flavoured combo includes the Benebone Zaggler (bacon flavour) and Maplestick (maplewood flavour). The fun designs feature small ridges that aid in cleaning your dog's teeth and gums as she chews.

These Benebone Dental Chews are made with a gentle yet durable nylon material that is safe for adult dogs' teeth. They are naturally flavoured with real bacon and maplewood to keep your dog's interest and encourage positive chewing habits. The ingredients are sourced within the U.S.A. and are safe for chewing. However, please note that these toys are not considered edible, so we recommend supervision when choosing this toy for playtime.

DIMENSION : 4.3''x2.5'' / 4.3''x1.8''


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