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AlphadogsportBungee Pro+ 2m


The pro+ 2m Bungee leash is a powerful and dynamic Bungee leash with maximum flexibility and amplitude. Perfect for practicing canicross or cani-hiking.

Various shock absorber resistors (bungee)

Alphadogsport bungees are offered with the option of resistance according to the pulling force of your dog.  The different resistors proposed make it possible to perfectly target the size of the dog or its ability to tow, because the two do not go without the other!

Having a line of line too flexible for a large tractor, is obviously not advisable and the reverse is of course the same concern. In any case, it is necessary to find the best compromise between strength, traction capacity and size of the dog.

Example for 8mm: Take a Border Collie, 25 kg, not big tractor, but regular in its traction and enduring. This dog requires that we can offer it a relatively average resistance, in this case, we will go towards the average resistance, with the shock absorber of 8mm. A relatively soft shock absorber, but hard at the same time.

Example for 10mm: Take a Dutch Shepherd, 32 kg, super good tractor, regular in its traction and enduring. This dog requires that we can offer him the best possible resistance, in this case we will go to the strongest resistance, with the shock absorber of 10mm. A hard shock absorber, which will make it possible to make the dog work directly when the shock absorber will be put into full traction. Hard, but not uncomfortable!

There will be fewer uncomfortable shocks, because the shock absorber will not always be at the bottom of elasticity. You have understood, being able to provide a choice in the shock absorbers makes it possible to respect the traction capacity of the dogs, their pulling force and their size. To be able to bring them comfort in traction, while optimizing it!

Carabiner at each end at its ends

You will find the Alphadogsport 4kn carabiners on the dog side (made of aluminum and having a safety wheel (Twistlock), it is light (23gr) and robust.) and 12kn on the human side (made of aluminum and having a safety wheel, it is light (25gr) and robust).

Size100cm at rest/180 cm extended canicross version

Strap25 mm nylon USA


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