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Almo NatureHQS Natural • Thon au bouillon atlantique • 150g


Almo Nature HQS - A canned cat food with a high quality source. The taste of tuna in broth will not leave any cat indifferent. This cat food is made with the best fresh and 100% natural ingredients. For supplementary feeding only.

The daily ration for cats is 2 cans of HQS Natural for every 8 lbs of body weight, rotating with HQS Complete. Adjust the amount according to the cat's activity level.

Gluten Free
No gluten recipes, where rice is the only grain source.

Grain Free
Recipes with no added grains. 

High Quality Protein
Foods rich in high quality protein are essential to fuel different processes in the body and respect the carnivorous nature of your cat or dog.

Ingredients :

Atlantic tuna, sufficient water for processing.






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